The COVID-19 virus is advancing throughout the Country and the best action we can take is to slow its transmission rate. To accomplish this we have been informed through the Center for Disease Control (CDC) to practice Social Distancing. Today Humboldt County held a press conference and announced a Shelter-in-Place would go into effect tonight at Midnight.  What does it mean to Shelter-in-Place?

Shelter in Place means to limit travel to essential errands such as food, supplies, and healthcare (Call in first: 530-625-4261). Try to avoid visiting family and friends unless you are checking on a loved one. 

You can still go to the grocery store, get gas, and perform other essential errands. Some of the essential staff will still be reporting to work.  

For best practices please refer to the CDC Guidelines for Shelter in Place.

For additional information about what Humboldt County’s shelter in place means, please view