The Incident Commander, Mr. Amos Pole, and the Hoopa Valley Tribe would like to provide you with an update in regards to today’s response efforts to the COVID-19 incident.

Last night Governor Newsom issued the following Order N-33-20. Governor Newsom’s Order incorporated by reference California’s Public Health Officer Sonia Y. Angel, MD, MPH Order. At this time, all California residents have been asked to stay in their homes unless they need to access: grocery stores, banks, mail, medical appointments, medications, and to wash clothes. The Orders are asking that if you do not need to perform any of these essential things then to remain inside your home.

At this time the Tribe has determined that an additional Order is unnecessary because the Shelter-in-Place Order the Incident Commander issued is similar.

All of these Orders are being issued to help protect the health and well-being of our communities.

In summary, the main point is to continue with Social Distancing. We understand that this message has been repeated many times but it is currently our best option to slow the spread of COVID-19.