We would like to give an update on standard operating procedures for K’ima:w Medical Center and Hoopa Police in regards to personal protective equipment (PPE).

Labs taken from Kimaw Medical Center are sent to the county lab. From there it takes up to three days to return a result. The results will be directly shared with K’ima:w Medical Center and they will then inform our Incident Commander Amos Pole. We will be one of the first to be notified.

When testing, your medical provider needs to take nasal and throat swabs. This may induce coughing and/or sneezing which puts them at risk. Due to that risk, they will come to take the swab in full PPE. It does not mean the patient has COVID-19, it is standard procedure for administering the swabs.

Hoopa Tribal Police are also taking precautions. If approached they will be wearing protective glasses, an N95 mask, and gloves. They are also regularly sanitizing their vehicles.

Theses protocols are a standard operating procedure provided by CDC to insure safety of public heath care workers, first responders.