Current Cases in Humboldt County

  • 10 total confirmed cases
    • 9 active cases
    • +5 new confirmed cases today
    • 1 recovered case 
      • We previously stated 1 fully recovered and 1 recovered. We are no longer going to state as fully recovered but rather just simply recovered. As for the recovered case, we understand that it means the recovery stages but not medically cleared.

Current Cases in Hoopa, CA 

  • 0 confirmed positive cases

COVID-19 Response Update
Updates from the Office of Emergency Services COVID-19 Response Team:

  • Met with Tribal Council to obtain additional funding to get more shelf-stable food for the food banks.
  • Digital Road signs have been ordered and will be placed below Trinity Valley Elementary School and at the end of Hoopa on the Weitchpec side stating, “Shelter in Place, Active in Hoopa”.
  • is now live and available to the public.
  • Our hotline at (530)625-8100 is now live for you to ask your questions via voicemail.
  • You may email questions to
  • We are looking into obtaining Rapid Tests for K’ima:w Medical Center 
    • Current tests take around 3 days to get results and have to be sent to the county.
    • Rapid tests take around 45 minutes and can be performed in house.

Community Updates
Information gathered from the Community:

  • Hoopa Grocery Store 
    • Delivery coming in by Friday, March 27, 2020.
    • They have two employees out front making sure shoppers sanitize their hands before entering.
    • They are sanitizing carts before and after each use.
    • Masks and gloves are required for employees.
    • They have marked every 6 feet by the deli to maintain proper social distance.
    • Delivery available to elders for groceries. 
    • Order must be over $20. Cash or check only.
    • Limit to 1 case of toilet paper, 1 case of water, and 1 hand sanitizer per customer.
    • Occupancy is limited to 10 shoppers in the store. 
    • After 2 people exit the store they will allow 2 people in.
    • Preferred elder’s shopping hours are 6 AM – 8 AM.
  • Hoopa Mini Mart 
    • Occupancy is limited to 3 shoppers in the store.
    • Gas is pumped by the staff.
    • Preferred payment method debit/credit card.
  • K’ima:w Medical Center 
    • Please call Kimaw at (530)625-4261 and connect with the department you would like services from and they will give you instructions on how to proceed. 
      • This is the preferred method.
    • If you come in person there will be a person at the door to direct you on the process.
  • Food Distribution 
    • Will be receiving their normal order this Friday.


  1. I am a employee of the hoopa shopping center and personally I think that people that come through the store only need 1 person per family or 1 person car load of people that comes in the store. It will only make things safer for everyone…

    • Hello Crystal,

      Thank you for your comment!

      Your concern is valid and limiting the number of people in close contact is what we are striving to accomplish. This is the basis of the social distancing policy we have in place.

      That being said, we are a community of multifamily homes and single-parent families. Circumstances may limit their ability to meet the safety standard you would like to have in place. We are not saying your experience is the same but the fact that we cannot know the situation of each and every family unit makes this difficult to enforce.

      Your input is greatly appreciated and we will note this educational opportunity in future announcements.

      Matthew Douglas
      Public Information Officer
      Hoopa Valley Tribal Office of Emergency Services

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