Current Cases in Humboldt County

  • 12 total confirmed cases
    • 2 new cases yesterday
    • 11 active cases
    • 1 recovered case
    • 1 case is hospitalized

Current Cases in Hoopa, CA 

  • 0 Positive cases
  • 6 patients have been tested
    • 6 Negative test results have come back

COVID-19 Response Update
Updates from the Office of Emergency Services COVID-19 Response Team:

  • Digital Road signs have been placed yesterday. 
    • The locations will be below Trinity Valley Elementary School and at the end of Hoopa on the Weitchpec side stating, “Shelter in Place, In Effect in Hoopa”.
  • is now live and available to the public.
  • Our hotline at (530)625-8100 is now live for you to ask your questions via voicemail and text.
  • You may email questions to
  • We have started a podcast on Spotify. Search Hoopa OES.
    • We will post the audio versions of our announcements.
  • We would like to collect information on the types of animals that are in the valley so that we may purchase food.
    • Please communicate on the website, email, or hotline. All are stated above.
  • We are looking into making a bulk purchase of toilet paper, toiletries, and cleaning supplies from any vendor we can find.

Community Updates
Information gathered from the Community:

  • Hoopa Grocery Store 
    • Delivery should be received today.
    • They have two employees out front making sure shoppers sanitize their hands before entering.
    • They are sanitizing carts before and after each use.
    • Masks and gloves are required for employees.
    • They have marked every 6 feet by the deli to maintain proper social distance.
    • Delivery available to ALL COMMUNITY ELDERS for groceries.
      • Please call (530)625-1013
      • Orders placed before 3 PM will have same-day delivery
        • If supplies are in stock.
      • Order must be over $20. Cash or check only.
    • Limit to 1 case of toilet paper, 1 case of water, and 1 hand sanitizer per customer.
      • Toilet paper is out of stock but the staff is regularly seeking new supplies.
    • Occupancy is limited to 10 shoppers in the store. 
      • After 2 people exit the store they will allow 2 people in.
    • Preferred elder’s shopping hours are 6 AM – 8 AM.
  • Hoopa Mini Mart 
    • Occupancy is limited to 3 shoppers in the store.
    • Gas is pumped by the staff.
    • Preferred payment method debit/credit card.
  • Forestry
    • Actively selling firewood
      • Please call/text the COVID-19 Hotline at (530)625-8100 to request.
  • K’ima:w Medical Center
    • Requests that you call in before you visit at (530)625-4261 so that they may prepare.