Today marks 2 weeks since our team formed. We wanted to give the community an update on what we have worked on and what we plan to do moving forward.

In the first week, we concentrated on forming our team and getting the right people in the right positions to best serve our community. We wanted to make sure that our community would have the right resources such as food and water if there was a need since most of the country was panic buying and a lot of our staple items went out of stock. One item that we’ve had difficulty getting is toilet paper and toiletries. We’ve been looking into vendors that supply for businesses and not consumers to try and establish some inventory but have not had any luck. We created the website and the hotline so that the community could get the best information. The website has seen some success but for some reason, the hotline is not being utilized as much as we thought it would.

The big move that we made in the first week was to make the order to Shelter in Place. One of the greatest tools we have to mitigate the potential spread of the COVID-19 virus is to limit exposure to other people. This is the whole social distance concept. 

In the second week, we continued to seek out additional resources to have on hand. We have taken a look at the strategies that have worked for other countries and narrowed down the best two options:

  1. Lockdown and quarantine zones so that the virus dies off and cannot spread.
  2. Run many tests to make sure the virus is contained and does not spread.

We do not want to lock everyone down so we have been seeking rapid tests from private and public resources. Due to demand, it has proven very difficult to get the test but we will continue to seek them out.

Our plan moving forward

Our community has been lucky enough to not have had a positive case and it is our goal to keep it that way.

We understand that the valley doesn’t have all the resources necessary and that means trips to town are required. In order to limit this, we are asking that everyone connect to let us know what you have had to go to town for so that we can seek out those items. Our contact information is at the end of this article.
We have applied to the USDA Food Box application and have been approved on March 27, 2020. We are delivering these boxes to elders and are working on getting more for the river communities.
Our goal is to establish a connection between the Hoopa Tribe and other River Tribes so that we can have a stronger position when requesting resources from the government. With our combines efforts, we believe we will have a better chance.

This incident changes day by day so we want to take an agile approach. That means every week we will assess the situation and reorient our goals to match our most important needs. For this to be successful we need input from you, the community. The information you provide will help us help you stay socially distant and not relying on trips outside of Hoopa. This is why we have invested in multiple communications methods.

Communication is key and your participation matters. Below are ways that you can stay informed and connect with us.


Hotline: Call or text (530)625-8100

Podcast: Search for “Hoopa OES” on AnchorFM, Spotify, and Pocketcast (Apple and Google are pending approval)

Facebook: @HoopaOES

Please share this information with everyone you can as we need more input from the community. Make sure our elders know where to call!

We are in this together.

Remember to answer the question: What is needed for you to not have to go to town?


  1. Why are we allowing Willow Creek and Salyer and other non residents to shop at our store ? I understand Weitchpec and Downriver she be included in our area. However Oreleans and all other areas shouldn’t be allowed to shop here. They have their own store. A response From a Tribal Council member said was because we want to be able to shop at rays if we need to. But that is not a good enough reason to allow them to shop here. They are putting us all risk shopping here.

    Willow Creek has a high population of trimagrents and high traffic going through daily. Let alone a confirmed case from salyer. Additionally willow creek test more people a day then we do. How is allowing them to shop here keeping us safe? Also they are stock piling carts full of the limited food we do have.

  2. I know that supplies are limited but we need to find a way to enforce this the young people are just going to be the surge of spreading it if one of them becomes contagious for that matter anyone who is not following this policy set in place I see law-enforcement sitting downtown which is great but if they could drive during the hours that young people party because it’s still happening at all the spots. I do want to say kudos to you guys for the store being the cleanest place I have been to and taking such care although the gas station when you’re standing outside needs to practice safe distancing or enforce it a little more

  3. Can this information be distributed to elders houses (literally one by one, or with their meal deliveries) so they can stay informed?

    As of rite now most of them do even know this information exists.

    Like title it “COVID-19 Undate from Hoopa Valley Tribe” and include the date of the update.

    Can we also look into purchasing copper to help combat any other viruses people may contract.

    Look into it. It’s was recently reported that copper kills Covid-19 within 4 hrs. Although there are various studies being done on that subject. So it may not be certified information yet.

    Just my thoughts.

    • We want to have all of this information at the fingertips of every community member. Everyone has the ability to call the Hotline and listen to our latest announcement. They may also call and ask any questions. They may also request assistance and we will point their question to the correct people.

      Hotline number: (530)625-8100

      Thank you and spread the word!

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