1. Please remind people to wear face masks in public. These should not be the medical kind that our medical workers need but could be those we use for allergies. People are making their own. I started wearing them 2 weeks ago to protect others if I had the virus and didn’t know it. Now it is recommended that we wear masks. Praying that all stay safe. Thanks for your service!

  2. Is Kimaw still not testing people with Symptoms, but No.elevated Temp.? 100% of Elders should be tested if they have symptoms. It shouldn’t matter if they dont have a Temo. Of 100. Because sometimes it runs in peoples family to not have a Temp.

  3. Is the clinic going to contact the people that this person has come in contact with? They don’t have to say the persons name but they should at least get a list of people this person has came in contact with Darian there contagious time so that those people can get tested and be quarantined as well. How many test does the clinic have? How long does it take to get a test back? Does the clinic have The medicine that Trump is saying can be used to treat this and is working?

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