We would like to know the reasons you are needing to go to town. We want to limit your exposure to COVID-19 and staying home is the best method. By submitting your reason it will better help us to bring the essential items to the valley so that they are available to you when you need them.


Phone/Text: (530)625-8100, leave a voicemail please.


The county has updated the type of businesses that are allowed to continue operations. Please view the document below:

Humboldt County Allowable Services List

Thank you and be safe!


  1. We have not gone to town in over a month and a half. We have been shopping here but it’s pretty spendy and hard at times, due to our prices and our limited supply of main items. We just spent $430+ on one cart bcuz I refuse to go out town and I still didnt get everything we needed! Couldn’t get mayo, TP, jasmine rice, pinto beans, canned chili, Bush’s baked beans. Rice a roni, progresso soup, dog food (that was a big thing for us), meat selection was pretty limited (no chicken breasts, hamburger, turkey burger, sausage, turkey lunch meat, and pork steaks…things I have bought here before), tortillas, eggs, ketchup. Kraft Zesty Italian dressing, and seasonings were pretty cleared out (salt, pepper, and powdered garlic), garlic bread, noodles, and theres more but I cant think of it all. With that said, I still appreciate all the hard work and the people that continue to show up during this hard time.

  2. Is this a new Order?

    The list of essential services includes animal supply businesses. Hoopa is not going to bring the food and supplies I need to care and feed my animals and I will not deprive them of what they need and are accustomed to.

    Are you also going to open a Smoke shop? Those are not on the not essential list or the essential list.

  3. I need sugar, eggs, yeast, and cleaning supplies. Also, the coffee at the store is six dollars more than coffee on the coast. I will not travel to Eureka but this would be the reason why.

  4. Hi, trips into town are for mail call, banking, food,& gasoline. Thank you, I appreciate you’re looking out.

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