We have changed the format of our announcements to have the most recent changes of information at the top of the report.

There are 3 sections to this new report layout:

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  • The boards around the valley will be updated once daily and reflect the previous 24 hours or weekend.
  • The first day of the Food Box event was yesterday and all locations ran out of supply within 45 minutes
    • We handed out over 200 food boxes to the community for this month, so far.
  • For the remainder of the food box event, we are having it at a single location, the Hoopa Fire Station
    • The time will still be 12 PM to 4 PM
  • We are predicting that the total supply remaining will all be gone in today’s event.


    • Humboldt County: 2,086 (+58)
    • K’ima:w Medical Center: 56 (+6)
    • K’ima:w Medical Center: 6 (+6)
  • Hoopa Grocery Store will now stay open from 6 AM to 9 PM
    • For more details on operations please call (530) 625-1013
  • Hoopa Mini Mart will now stay open from 7 AM to 9 PM
    • For more details on operations please call (530) 625-4341


    • Humboldt County: 1
    • K’ima:w Medical Center: 1
  • Stay-at-Home order is active in Hoopa, CA due to COVID-19 Pandemic
    • Curfew is currently in effect from 10 PM to 4 AM every day
    • Face Coverings are required in areas where social distancing cannot be followed
    • More information about our active orders can be found on our website: HoopaOES.org
  • Elders can order groceries from the store for delivery or pickup
    • For details please call (530) 625-1013
  • A free 1/2 cord of firewood can be ordered for community elders (ages 65 and over) 
    • Please call (530) 625-8100
  • If any Hoopa Tribal workers need help applying for unemployment benefits, please contact the Hoopa Human Resources Department at 530-625-9200.
  • If anyone local needs help to apply for Stimulus Checks online, please make an appointment at the Hoopa TANF Resource Center at 530-625-4816.
  • Humboldt County
    • The County has recently limited the types of services in operation, and the list can be found on the Hoopa OES website.
    • The County is also requiring people to wear facial coverings in specific settings, effective on Friday, April 24th, 2020. 
      • This County Health Order states people must wear a facial covering before they enter: 
        • Any indoor facility except for their own residence
        • Any enclosed space
        • Any outdoor space where individuals are unable to maintain at all times a distance of six feet from others.


  1. Thanks for the food box, but we don’t need it right now, maybe next month, however I am interested in the questionnaire, can u post it on fb or mail it to me? Again, thanks for all your assistance.

    • Hello Carole

      Thank you for commenting and thinking of the community’s needs.

      The questionnaire was mainly to understand each recipient’s household size. What number of people were children vs adults vs elders?

      For next month’s food box event, we are planning for 1200 boxes but that is pending USDA approval.

      Thanks again.

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