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Information that has never been reported before.

  • Hoopa Fire has limited burn times from 6 PM to 6 AM.
  • We have been creating posts on our website from the following outside sources so that you only need one source for all COVID-19 information.
    • Humboldt County Community Alert
    • California Office of Emergency Services
    • California Public Health Department


Information that has changed and reported previously.

    • Humboldt County: 104 positive cases (+1)
    • K’ima:w Medical Center: 1 positive case
      • Del Norte: 47 positive cases
      • Siskiyou: 9 positive cases
      • Trinity: 1 positive case
      • Mendocino: 30 positive cases
      • Shasta: 40 positive cases (+1)
    • Humboldt County: 17 active cases
    • K’ima:w Medical Center: 0 active case
      • Del Norte: 21 active cases
      • Siskiyou: 3 active case
      • Trinity: 0 active cases
      • Mendocino: 13 active cases
      • Shasta: 7 active cases
    • Humboldt County: 5,960 tested (+189)
    • K’ima:w Medical Center: 111 tested (+1)
      • Del Norte: 1,448 tested (Not Updated)
      • Siskiyou: 1,692 tested (+112)
      • Trinity: 381 tested (+9)
      • Mendocino: 5,044 tested (Not Updated)
      • Shasta: 5,389 tested (+120)


  • To help our community make safer choices, we are now reporting information on surrounding county numbers.
  • Hoopa OES and the Tribal Council are developing a survey for tribal members to add input on how to spend the CARES Act funding to help fight COVID-19 in our community.
  • Hoopa OES, K’ima:w Medical Center, and Tsewenaldin Inn have partnered to create a non-congregate shelter for patients testing or who have tested positive for COVID-19.
  • Stay-at-Home order is active in Hoopa, CA due to COVID-19 Pandemic
    • Curfew is currently in effect from 10 PM to 4 AM every day
  • The Hoopa Valley Tribal Office of Emergency Services is deciding to maintain the reservation closure. We are also not allowing people outside the reservation river access nor access to Tribal Property during the COVID-19 Pandemic
    • The Hoopa Valley Tribal OES plans to continually assess the COVID pandemic situation and make moves towards reopening once appropriate. 
    • Per Title 72, people or non-residents can be cited and escorted off the reservation.
    • In detail, we are developing an opening schedule to fit our population’s needs and intend to adjust as needed.

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  1. Did any of the Hoopa Valley Residents attend the protests on the coast? Stay at home order should be relaxed while keeping others from entering reservation land. Many of us know how to follow rules on keeping ourselves and others safe.

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