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Information that has never been reported before.

  • OES in partnership with PUD and Education applied for a grant by the Internet Society Foundation to get broadband to Hoopa fast. Unfortunately, this grant was unsuccessful.
    • OES and PUD will now develop a business plan to present to Council and request to utilize around $1,000,000 from the CARES Act fund to make this project a reality.


Information that has changed and reported previously.

    • Humboldt County: 104 positive cases
    • K’ima:w Medical Center: 1 positive case
      • Del Norte: 47 positive cases
      • Siskiyou: 9 positive cases
      • Trinity: 2 positive cases (+1)
      • Mendocino: 33 positive cases
      • Shasta: 42 positive cases (+2)
    • Humboldt County: 14 active cases (-3)
    • K’ima:w Medical Center: 0 active case
      • Del Norte: 3 active cases (-18)
      • Siskiyou: 2 active cases
      • Trinity: 1 active case (+1)
      • Mendocino: 10 active cases (-6)
      • Shasta: 8 active cases (+1)
    • Humboldt County: 6,255 tested (+134)
    • K’ima:w Medical Center: 112 tested
      • Del Norte: 1,592 tested (+144)
      • Siskiyou: 1,922 tested (+28)
      • Trinity: 396 tested (+15)
      • Mendocino: 5,616 tested (284)
      • Shasta: 5,537 tested (+148)


  • Hoopa OES has been approved to receive 15,000 surgical style masks, 10,000 cloth masks, and 3,000 KN95 masks from Cal OES.
    • Cloth masks are going to be used for the election and disbursement throughout the community.
  • A trailer has been set up at the tribal office to assist tribal members to fill out their “2020 Hoopa Valley Tribe COVID-19 General Welfare Assistance Intake Form.”
  • Hoopa Fire has limited burn times from 6 PM to 6 AM.
  • Hoopa OES and the Tribal Council are developing a survey for tribal members to add input on how to spend the CARES Act funding to help fight COVID-19 in our community.
  • Stay-at-Home order is active in Hoopa, CA due to COVID-19 Pandemic
    • Curfew is currently in effect from 10 PM to 4 AM every day
  • The Hoopa Valley Tribal Office of Emergency Services is deciding to maintain the reservation closure. We are also not allowing people outside the reservation river access nor access to Tribal Property during the COVID-19 Pandemic
    • The Hoopa Valley Tribal OES plans to continually assess the COVID pandemic situation and make moves towards reopening once appropriate. 
    • Per Title 72, people or non-residents can be cited and escorted off the reservation.
    • In detail, we are developing an opening schedule to fit our population’s needs and intend to adjust as needed.

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  1. The Navajo Tribe tried to use CARE funds to install water pipes to homes without water since washing hands is a necessary measure to avoid COVID 19. The people in these homes travel 40 miles to haul water in barrels. While providing free water is an allowable direct use, running pipes to these same homes is considered infrastructure, not an allowable use. I think a request to build out broadband will be seen as not a direct service use, rather as infrastructure. I and we do need broadband. Good luck.

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