Due to the severity of the Public Health Threat (PHT) COVID-19 Pandemic, The Hoopa Valley Tribal Council, K’ima:w Medical Center Staff, and the Office of Emergency Services finds it in the best interest of the Hupa People to operate under the following Alert Level System (ALS).

The Hoopa Valley Tribe is asking for your cooperation and asks that you follow the guidelines developed under the Stay at Home Order A and Stay at Home Order B. Please acknowledge,  the Stay at Home Order  A and Stay at Home Order B will be in effect at different times. Stay at Home Order A will be in effect during Levels 1 & 2 under the attached ALS plan. Stay at Home Order B will only be in effect during Levels 3 & 4 under the same ALS plan. The ALS will be enforced by Hoopa Tribal Council, the Hoopa Tribal Police, and the Hoopa Tribal Court until it is declared the Hoopa Valley Tribe is no longer in a State of Emergency. 

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding the attached Orders, please feel free to reach out to the Office of Emergency Services Incident Commander Greg Moon, Deputy Incident Commander Wendy Ferris-George, Operations Chief Allie Hostler at (707) 630-7371, or Hoopa Valley Tribal Public Health Representative Dr. Eva Smith at K’ima:w Medical Center at (530) 625-4261. The document is attached below click download to view.